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GestarseOur Team

Additionally, Gestarse relies on a panel of specialized consultants from various professional backgrounds, supplementing the services provided to boost organizations sustainability and competitiveness.

Miguel Vallejo

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Master´s Degree Professional, with training and experience in design, development, management and evaluation of projects. Member of Project Management Institute, PMI (ID-722172). Background and experience in developing projects related to sustainable agricultural production, business social responsibility,entrepreneurship, preservation and integrated management of natural resources, environmental management,  climate change and management of emissions of greenhouse gases  . Twenty years of teaching experience in public and private universities and international programs,using  face to face, semi-face and virtual educational strategies.  International Auditor ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System, certified by RABQSA (Certificate  C180314 and RABQSA EM831).

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Luis Garnier
Board Member

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Luis has a Master´s degree in Organizational Behavior Management and Systems Analysis from Western Michigan University and 20 years experience in the areas of Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility. Multinational corporate experience and relationships with NGOs and local government entities.  Proven ability to manage devolpmental and organizational change processes, as well as in the areas of human resources, organizational development, corporate social responsibility and labor relations.


Melanny Zúñiga Araya
Project Manager

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Environmental engineer graduate from Technological Institute of Costa Rica. Professional oriented to scientific and technological solutions for environmental and sustainable development issues. Melanny has knowledge, training and experience in projects related to carbon footprint, cleaner production, environmental management and certifications of sustainability, environmental impact assessment, management and design of solid waste treatment, sanitation, water and sewage treatment, energy management and renewable energy.


Jessica Schosinsky
Research and Development

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Bachelor in Psycology, University of Costa Rica. Collaborates with GESTARSE since 2014 on various projects of Corporate Social Responsibility. Experience in development of environmental management systems and working with people with intellectual disabilities.


Ana Lorena Vallejo Chaverri
Research and Development

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Environmental Engineering graduate from the Technological Institute of Costa Rica. Trainee with an agricultural transnational, responsible for managing emission inventories of greenhouse gases and water consumption in North American and European operations.


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