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The consultancy provided to each organization is tailor-made according to the needs and concerns of those involved in the SR process. Our group of professionals works with your company to insure the processes can be managed internally, without depending on an outside source.

This is essential for accompanying the development of skills in the organization and for a multidisciplinary approach to projects.

This exchange provides the platform needed to implement these processes strategically. Also, Gestarse’s experienced consultants offer the facilitation required to establish the dialogue and constructive participation and connections for the benefit of all involved.

Which are our services?

We stress accompaniment to enhance company capabilities, sustainability, and competitiveness.

Our services include:

Analysis of Current Business Status:

  • Needs assessment and identification of CSR-based business strategies.
  • Awareness and diagnosis of current CSR practices within the organization.
  • Organization/company – community relations.
  • Regulatory analysis (applicable legislation).

Project, Plan and Strategy Design:

  • Management systems design and implementation for social responsibility management (CSR policies, processes, procedures, programs, projects, and accountability).
  • Joint design with the firm of social responsibility strategies; development of strategic plans based on organizational diagnosis, consulting, and stakeholder mapping.
  • Materiality analysis to define projects that contribute to creating value for the company and society.
  • Social-environmental projects with productivity focus.

Implementation and accompaniment:

  • Social responsibility project management: design, development, management, implementation, and evaluation.
  • Training and technical advice: social and environmental standards and codes of conduct.
  • Conflict mediation and stakeholder dialogue facilitation.
  • Multisectoral and interinstitutional experience exchange.
  • Coordination and facilitation of processes aimed at CSR investment.
  • Management and administration of certifications required in the RS fulfillment of companies
  • Advice for access to niche markets based on certifications


  • Development of social, environmental and economic management indicators.
  • Monitoring, systematization and evaluation systems for social responsibility investments.
  • Human resources management: competency-based management, performance evaluation, leadership, coaching, team work, social responsibility management skills.
  • Evaluation of codes of conduct in the organization.
  • Tool design for assessing suppliers´ social and environmental indicators

Water and Carbon Management at an Organizational Level

  • Greenhouse has emission inventories.
  • Estimation of carbon footprint
  • Identification and prioritization of GHG mitigation and compensation strategies.
  • GHG mitigation and compensation project design and management.
  • Carbon markets management.
  • Water footprint inventories
  • Estimation of water footprint.
  • Development of water management strategies and projects.

Organizational Development:

  • Organizational Development and Human Resources strategy
  • evelopment and analysis.
  • Organizational change process management.
  • Performance management systems.
  • Organizational talent training and development.
  • Organizational culture and climate analysis.
  • Executive coaching.
  • Workshop facilitation.


    • Chiquita Brands International
    • Great White Fleet Shipping Company
    • German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ)-Climate Action Program
    • Business for Social Responsibility (BSR)
    • Integrated Solutions in Sustainable Development, DESUS. Mexico
    • Business Foundation for Social Action (FUNDEMAS). El Salvador
    • United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Regional Office for Science and Technology in Africa

    • Cemex, Costa Rica
    • Industrial Agricultural League of Sugarcane (LAICA), Costa Rica
    • Professional Association of Psychologists of Costa Rica
    • Chamber of Commerce of Costa Rica (CCCR)
    • SC Johnson Costa Rica
    • Latin American University of Science and Technology (ULACIT), Costa Rica
    • National Forestry Office (ONF), Costa Rica
    • Horizontes Travel Agency, Costa Rica


We have established partnerships to expand our range of services in different areas and geographies