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Working experiences

GestarseWorking experiences

Technical support in the management of information, creation of standardized databases, carbon and water footprint calculation, definition of projects to reduce and offset GHG emissions and water consumption from transnational corporations in Latin America, North America and Europe.

Technical support to agricultural exporting companies to achieve compliance with the requirements demanded in the future for fresh fruits and vegetables export to Europe, through the 2020 program SIVAF (Sustainability Initiative Fruit and Vegetables) from IDH (The Sustainable Trade Initiative) of Holland.

Development of management systems and compliance with the critical criteria of Pro Planet Seal (supermarket chain REWE) to own farms and suppliers associated producers in Latin America.

Technical support in pre and post audit processes of the ethical standard for Walmart suppliers, considering the cost-effectiveness of the implementation of corrective action plans analysis.

Technical support in the implementation of the processes required by Rain Forest Alliance Certification (RFA) in own farms and producers associated with companies in Latin America.

Management, monitoring and control of social and environmental certifications of agricultural transnationals in their production and packaging operations in Latin America.

Design of socio-environmental indicators evaluation systems of independent fruit producers (suppliers) of corporations in Latin America.

Corporate Responsibility evaluations based on companies´s Code of Conduct.

Technical support, facilitation and design of the Environmental Management System of a shipping company based on ISO 14001:2004 and subsequently certified by SAI Global.

Social Impact Assessment of mining operations, based on “Measuring Impacts” Tool from World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), in order to include the mitigation of impacts through policies, processes and practices in corporate social responsibility strategy, to comply with the Performance Standards on Social and Environmental Sustainability of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), according to the Principles of Ecuador.

Co-creation of the sustainability strategy and development of a methodology for assessing social and environmental compliance of a bottling company operation in Mexico.

Support in the development and implementation of the evaluation process and monitoring of suppliers in terms of socio-environmental standards of a bottling company in Mexico.

Design of the “Methodological Guide to manage the carbon footprint in the Meat Industry” for GIZ.

Technical documentation of a Workshop on “Capacity Building for developing NAMAs (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions) in Costa Rica” and development of roadmaps for three NAMAs in the fields of agriculture, transport and solid waste, for GIZ.

Evaluation of pineapple farms environmental indicators, as a requirement to access the DEG (Deutsche Investitions und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH) Bank financing from Germany.

Measuring of the carbon footprint of international events, and emmition compensation through reforestation activities in priority areas, certified by Control Union.

Roadmap creation for the development of a policy of protecting biodiversity and the definition of the necessary institutions for the management of the processes required in establishing a policy of use of biodiversity in Rwanda, Africa. UNESCO.

Exploration and prioritization of social investment projects in the communities of influence of an industrial cement plant.

Providing guidance on a process for the strategic alignment of the Operations Management of an organization of the sugar industry.

Facilitation and design of the strategic plan and work structure of a professional association.

Design of municipal plans for integrated management of solid waste (PMGIRS) of cantons of Costa Rica.

Management coaching to improve organizational strategy and performance based on social responsibility criteria of a tourist company